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Cuisine is an art that lies at the crossroads of emotions; its beauty and subtlety awaken desire and stimulate your senses. My passion stems from a need to surpass myself and to share with you these magical and unique moments. Today, my dearest wish is to take you on a whirlwind of culinary emotions, limited only by your curiosity. With family or friends, let's create memories together around refined dishes. From the kitchen to the plate, it all starts with a desire, for which emotion is the destination.

Discover the Art of Flavors

Treat yourself to an exceptional culinary experience by hosting a private chef in your home. Share an unforgettable moment with family or friends over a tailor-made tasting, featuring dishes and wines of your choice. Let yourself be seduced by refined, convivial and gourmet cuisine, creating a unique atmosphere in the comfort of your own home. Trust me to orchestrate this tailor-made gastronomic experience.

“Cooking is the art of transforming simple ingredients into unforgettable moments.”

Quality and Culinary Creativity

Refined and minimalist

Boldness and creativity

Elegance and Femininity in the Kitchen

quality ingredients

Made-to-measure recipes

Toujours un peu plus de ravissement à chaque bouchée… Il n’est rien que j’aborde sans cette finesse exacerbée par ma féminité. « La cuisine se déguste d’abord avec les yeux. »

Quality ingredients, sourced from hand-picked producers and meticulously crafted; a bold, creative approach to food; artful presentation with an eye for detail and an unquenchable quest for aesthetic appeal.

Each mouthful is a little more delightful... There's nothing I approach without the finesse exacerbated by my femininity.
“Cuisine is first enjoyed with the eyes.”

L'Africanisant : The magazine of African flavors!

I'm delighted to present L'Africanisant, my brand-new culinary magazine that will take you on a captivating gastronomic journey across Africa. Dive into the heart of African culinary traditions and discover a mosaic of flavors and cultures that reflect the richness of the continent.


“Chef Carole Befolo delights our taste buds”.

"A great experience for my wife's birthday dinner. Chef Carole Befolo delighted our taste buds. Easy and pleasant to work with, she was discreet and presented the dishes with visual and taste creativity. Many thanks."

Pierre-Yves Muehlebach

"Great food" 

"Carole is a chef who listens to her customers' wishes. Based on your wishes, she puts together the menu of your dreams, creating a warm, relaxed atmosphere while preparing dishes that are a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds. Choice products, discovery of new and harmonious flavors, extremely meticulous presentation. A superb experience, a must!

Samantha Reichenbach

“A superb 1st experience”

"A superb 1st experience as a home chef with Carole Befolo. The meal was delicious. She is both available, pleasant and friendly, while remaining discreet for a candlelit meal. I thank her again for this moment."

Twin Ta

"Flavours worthy of top restaurants" 

"A magical evening! 🤩 My wife and I are still talking about it! Carole introduced us to dishes and flavors worthy of fine restaurants! We forgot we were at home! She knew how to adapt to our kitchen, to the presence of a 3-month-old baby to make her dishes! Carole is discreet so as not to disturb us, but she was incredible and we were able to share moments and chat with her! A beautiful person...An unforgettable evening! THANK YOU!"

François Têtu